About Us

A Bit About Us

Biz Complaints is the business intelligence service to use for important buying decisions. We are a reliable and neutral platform where customers and business owners can share and respond to service and product reviews. We provide verified complaints and expert resources to help you make the right choices when buying your goods & services to keeping you safe. With these complaints, bad reviews or scam warnings, consumers have an opportunity to learn more about various companies, brands and industries. We have an established issue negotiation and resolution process: Customers can discuss and share their experiences to win the attention of a business with to get their issues addressed.
For purposes of authentication and maintaining professionalism, business owners can create and verify their accounts so they can publicly respond to dissatisfied consumers with the option of contacting them privately. The idea here is to link up businesses with consumers and enhance communication that will lead to smooth and effective engagements.

Our Philosophy

Every company gets complaints from their consumers. However, some companies don’t want to address these issues or assist their customers by resolving their concerns. Therefore, we have built this platform on this premise: to help companies communicate with their customers, listen and address their complaints. The ultimate goal is to turn the complainants into advocates for your brand.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to help business organizations identify issues of the operations and products from their customers. By doing so companies can collect data and follow up on unresolved matters. We combine, summarize and analyze all the collected data to provide useful information in a way that is easily accessible, understandable and easy to interpret. The data collected is often shared with media sources to bring customer concerns to light and enhance responses.

As a consumer, we make it easy for you to choose the best business outlet for your purchases, as well as to avoid scams. From the data collected and information sourced from these complaints, you can get a buyer’s guide to help you make quick and well-informed buying decisions. Through these customer reviews, we can easily pair customers with business organizations that address their needs