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For Customers

Frequently, people get depressed after using a service or buying a product that is not as advertised or works differently than they were expecting. In many cases a customer will get stuck with little or no recourse, but being able to make a complaint is a better option. The mistakes made by a company or its representatives may strain a person’s mind to the point of neglect. It is important to complain and get positive results, even if it means a do-over, a refund, or an apology. Read below to learn how to get your intended outcome while maintaining your cool.

When you have an issue with a company, if you want to have them fix it you need to let them know that something isn’t right. Otherwise how will they know?

The faster you get the complaint out the faster and easier it is to be resolved. If you let a company know about an issue months or years after they will be less likely to help and fix it.

Don’t just let the company know what is wrong, but also what you need for them to fix it. If you let them know you want a refund or exchange in the complaint they are more likely to offer it.

When you have a complaint it is important to record who you spoke to, emailed and met. That way the company can contact them first-hand for information about the problem.

When you make a complaint, provide positive feedback. That way the people who you are working with are more likely to want to help resolve the issue.

For Business

Everyone in business faces different types of challenges but if you learn how to handle them, they can turn out to be learning opportunities for the future. Today, most consumers consider online feedback and reviews to be the best source of recommendations. Businesses that follow these reviews tend to win the attention of their target clients and gain or keep a competitive edge. All reviews, both positive and negative are equally useful in swaying customers to buy your products. Negative complaints can be good for your business. Here is why:

Negative reviews make the positive ones seem better. If all your reviews are positive, it tends to make them look fake. Having a few negative reviews, especially ones that came to a positive resolution show that your company cares about its customers.

If a potential customer sees a negative review about some aspect they don’t care about it will lead them to be more likely to use your product.

When a customer cannot find a bad reviews they tend to not trust the reviews at all thinking that they are all “bought” or written by the company’s marketing department.

It is important to show concern about issues that are brought to you by potential customers from reviews. This leads to engagement with the customer and can lead to up-sells and a longer business relationship.

It is important to take advantage of the complaints brought to you by your customers, as they can help you learn what changes should be made to improve your product or service.